I am a neuroscientist, currently a Project Leader at the Technical University of Munich. My specialty lies in the analysis and modelling of anatomical data to crack the function of various neuronal circuits in a mechanistic way. To do so, I design experiments and develop tools to quantify structural changes in circuits during development, learning, or after mutations. Finally, I use the data to develop computational models that formalize the structure-function relationship of those circuits.
In general, the conceptual drive that guides my research as a neuroscientist is to understand the functional architecture of the human mind. Unfortunately, this will most likely not happen during my lifetime. Instead, my career vision is to acquire a mechanistic understanding of the functional assembly and life-long plasticity of a neuronal circuit that is known to be involved in a higher-cognitive process. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact me.
If you are a student affiliated to TUM and interested in working in computational neuroscience projects, please contact me.